Importance of Having Sex

It is irrefutable that sex benefits surpass just the usual moaning and the undeniably mind-blowing pleasurable moments in bed. There are many underlying benefits of sex that many are yet to discover. Sex has been described as a workout by itself. Constant sexual experiences are deemed to help you slash unnecessary pounds and hence keep fit. By this, you ward off life-threatening conditions such as obesity, cardiac arrest, and even hypertension. The benefits of sex are not unjustified claims. They are benefits with scientific backing, hence encouraging you to engage in sex more often. This article sheds light on the importance of sex:

1. Sex serves as a stress and pain reliever

Day in day out activities are so overwhelming and mostly, you may find yourself succumbing to the day’s frustrations. However, a good sexual experience helps relieves you of back pains and your worries. Intimacy stimulates the body to release endorphins and dopamine hormones, relieving you of pain and consequently inducing a happy mood. Also, studies report that constant sexual encounters help lower the diastolic blood pressure resulting in fewer stress levels.

2. Sex boosts your immunity

A good sexual experience helps you to ward off the common flu and other infections. Sex help increases the production of immunoglobulin A, which boosts your immunity, helping your body mount an immune response to any opportunist ailments. Research reports that people who frequently engage in sex have 30% higher immunity.

3. Sex boosts your self-confidence

A pleasurable sexual encounter early in the morning equates to a hot cup of coffee. Morning sex stimulates the mind and the body, making you feel freshened to undertake your usual daily activities. Sex has been recommended to clear migraines and constant headaches. For a relaxed feel and a boast of self-confidence the married are advised to have frequent sex; which serves to blush off all the fears and frustrations, making your day less stressful.

4. Sex improves your sleep habits

If catching some quality sleep has been a struggle for you, then you must reconsider having sex often. A successful sexual encounter gets rated from the ejaculates or the female orgasms. During the orgasmic episodes, oxytocin gets released, and it helps enhance your sleep patterns and strengthen your bond with your partner. You no longer need to worry why men fall asleep right away after an ejaculation.

There are uncountable benefits of having sex. With the above advantages, you now have more reasons to engage in intimate intercourse. However, if you are not yet married, remember to play safe sex.

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